Leuven series: part 2

Last time, I said that I would do a series about Leuven (for a school project) and that I would divide it in three. Today I’m back with the second and last part. Not because I didn’t enjoy writing about Leuven, in fact, exactly the opposite! I did enjoy it very much, and therefore I did something special (at least for me), I made a video!

In todays video, I’ll show you 7 spots in Leuven which are definitely worth a visit! This ranges from eating to shopping to just chilling/enjoying nature. I tried to make the selection as varied as possible, so I’d like to hear what you think! Underneath the video, you can find a short description and a little more information about every spot.

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Leuven Series: arty things to do

Vandaag een blog in het Engels, deze maakt deel uit van mijn examen Engels in juni!

For my English class (I’m studying Communication Science at the KU Leuven), I have to do a creative project on a chosen subject. I chose to do a project about Leuven, the city where I’ve been living for almost three years now. It is basically a small guide where to go, where to eat and what to do in this city! This all on a budget of course. After all, all students are the same when it comes to money, aren’t they?17496292_1142860435841734_1406388332_n

I’ll divide the blogposts in three, and today I’ll start with some things to do/to visit if you’re into art.

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Travel: Keulen!

Net nu ik weer aan het bloggen geslagen was, werd het alweer stiller hier op de blog. Maar daar is een reden voor, ik was namelijk op citytrip naar Keulen. Vandaag deel ik enkele tips en hotspots met jullie, want er is wel wat te zien in deze Duitse stad.

Köln Hauptbahnhof

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