Leuven Series: arty things to do

Vandaag een blog in het Engels, deze maakt deel uit van mijn examen Engels in juni!

For my English class (I’m studying Communication Science at the KU Leuven), I have to do a creative project on a chosen subject. I chose to do a project about Leuven, the city where I’ve been living for almost three years now. It is basically a small guide where to go, where to eat and what to do in this city! This all on a budget of course. After all, all students are the same when it comes to money, aren’t they?17496292_1142860435841734_1406388332_n

I’ll divide the blogposts in three, and today I’ll start with some things to do/to visit if you’re into art.

About three weeks ago, I visited an exhibition at the STUK in Leuven. STUK is a house for dance, image and sound, and regularly organizes events such as (art) exhibitions, jazz evenings, workshops and others. It is located in a beautiful building at 96 Naamsestraat, and you probably won’t have to look for it long, because it has a giant ‘STUK’ sign in front of it.

I’ll show you some pictures of the exhibition I visited, namely Artefact. Artefact is a yearly event at the STUK, and this year, the theme was ‘the art of magic’. The exhibition was divided over several floors and rooms and featured a lot of different artists, but I’ll show you my favorites.

The work above is ‘The long now’ by Verena Friedrich. It is a soap bubble in an hermetic box, which allows the bubble to float as long as possible. This process results in absolutely stunning scenes with rainbowcolors, which I could watch forever I guess.

Magic Shop by Jonathan Allen

This last one was my absolute favorite! It is a dark room with small stars projected on the walls, called ‘The finite state fantasia’ by Tiobias Revell. This installation with mesmerizing stars gave me a real feeling of magic, and I guess that’s why I liked it so much.

This exhibition has unfortunately ended already, but if you are into art on a budget (most of the activities at the STUK are free/low entrance fee), definitely keep an eye on their website for upcoming events!

The next thing to do in Leuven is Ithaka arts festival. In contrast with the STUK and its events, this exhibition is only held yearly. It has already closed by now, but I liked it so much that I have to write about it!

Ithaka arts festival is organised by student association LOKO from Leuven, and is held every year at a special location in the city. This years location was the Luxemburgcollege at the Vaartstraat. While you’ll have to wait a whole year to attend the next edition, I’ll just quickly show some pictures so you get an idea of what to expect next year! Make sure to like Ithaka on Facebook to stay up to date.

The last topic in this post is about Existenz. Existenz is an association of architectural engineering students at the KU Leuven, who regularly organize events in Leuven. Out of the three ‘arty things to do in Leuven’, the events by Existenz might be my favorite! What to expect? Think ‘homemade lemonades in jars’,  ‘uncommon locations’ and ‘art’. This sounds all very Instagrammable, and I can guarantee you it is!

During the two semesters, there are several events organised, but the event of the year is definitely Existenzweek. For one week, a location in Leuven is transformed and several activities are held there every day. This year, the location was the old bus station in Leuven. I went to take a look on Wednesday, when there was a little market with handcrafted goods. I had a good basil (!) lemonade and enjoyed the atmosphere and the good weather. Take a look!

You could create your own Existenz-stickers to take home as a memory, very fun to do!

Today is the last day of Existenzweek, so if you still want to go, go, you’ll like it! Location: Vuurkruisenlaan, Leuven. Like Existenz on Facebook to get an update of their events! (By the way, their events are mostly free and drinks/food are very cheap!)

I hope you enjoyed this post about ‘arty’ things to do in Leuven. The next one in the Leuven-series will probably be about food 😉 !

Until next time, xoxo


pictures by me + Noa Baps

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